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The highlight of the Cortland Country Music Park is the New York State Country Music 
Hall of Fame, the original reason for the Cortland Country Music Park.
When you visit the New York State Country Music Hall of Fame, from the outside it is 
deceiving. As you enter the inside your breath is taken away by the array of memorabilia 
from the many Nashville and local entertainers. For instance, Jack Greene's suit, Kenny 
Rogers' famous white suit, Jeannie C. Riley's dress and Tammy Wynette's $10,000 
sequined dress. See the walls of plaques of persons inducted into the Hall of Fame and the 
Hall of Honor. Also see the, one of a kind, pictures from over the last 30 years and of 
course the memorabilia from our local musicians.
A special dinner dance is presented on the last Sunday in October each year to induct 
qualified persons into the Hall of Honor; to induct 3 new people into the Hall of Fame and 
to present the Horizon Award and Lifetime Achievement Award.
To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, you must first be put into the Hall of Honor. All 
nominees for the Hall of Fame are picked from the Hall of Honor. To be eligible for the 
Hall of Honor you must have been born or living in New York State and must have been 
playing Country Music for at least 10 years. If you meet these qualifications or know 
someone that does, you can send a resume to: 

Box 402 
Cortland, N.Y. 13045 
Attn: Merle Matts Hall of Fame Director  

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